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Crystals have varieties of colors that signifies its purpose, as well as crystal shapes that are said to matter because it affects the way you acquire energy from the crystal. The pyramid is a mystical shape that fascinates, charms, and speaks to us of secrets from the past, with its wide base grounded at the Earth and its four equilateral triangles ascending into the heavens. Its shape intensifies the energy at the pyramid's apex, which is said to be sending our intentions into the universe. This is why the Pyramid Crystal is very powerful for manifesting your desires, drawing off negative energy, and clearing blockages. 


The energy of the Crystal Pyramid is incredible! It also offers lots of benefits that surely want you to know. Crystal pyramids can open your chakra points for healing, all you have to do is charge the pyramid for 12-72 hours at the charging altar and then use it to massage your chakra points. It also controls and regulates your emotional feelings, and healing health. This pyramid also helps to release Vastu Dosh, where lack of understanding, sadness, negativity, can change into wisdom, happiness and positivity. It does not only benefit your inner self but also your surroundings because this pyramid detaches the evil’s eye effect on you, your business and surroundings. Surely, this pyramid crystal will stack all the positive energy unto you and bring you to the next level.

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