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The Little Book of Witchcraft - Judith Hurrell

The Little Book of Witchcraft - Judith Hurrell

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Whether you're a budding witch or simply want to learn more about the world of spells and sorcery, this book includes everything you need to understand and start practising this remarkable craft.

Find out how to tap into the infinite power of the natural world by uncovering the unique properties of natural ingredients - from herbs, flowers and seeds to incense and crystals. Study the extraordinary history of witches and Wicca, and discover how present-day witches combine modern technology and traditional methods to help manifest their desires. Enrich your life with the power of magick and learn how to:

  • Uncover and embrace your inner witch
  • Connect with the rich history of witchcraft
  • Start developing your Wiccan abilities and sustain your craft
  • Work in alignment with the earth's natural rhythms to get the most out of your practice

Create spells, potions and rituals for promoting love, happiness and success

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