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Crystal Basics - Nicholas Pearson

Crystal Basics - Nicholas Pearson

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In this pocket reference, crystal healing teacher Nicholas Pearson offers a quick-start guide for working with crystals as well as a full-color A-to-Z compendium of the physical, psychological, and spiritual healing properties of 450 crystals, rocks, minerals, and fossils.

Covering the basics of crystal healing, the author explores why crystals work, how to select stones, safe and effective cleansing methods, and hands-on techniques and practices to harness the power of rocks and gems to transform your life. He also looks at how to charge crystals and program them for specific purposes, and he examines crystal correspondences with planetary, astrological, and elemental energies.

In the A-to-Z encyclopedia, Pearson looks at 450 crystals, including familiar ones like agate, calcite, rose quartz, and hematite as well as rarer and more unusual crystals, such as phenakite, cavansite, and yooperlite - some of which have never before appeared in print. Each entry features a beautiful color photo of the stone and defines its physical, emotional, and metaphysical healing properties and its corresponding chakra, element, planet, and zodiac sign. The author also looks at the geological nature of each stone, such as its hardness and crystal structure, enabling you to explore the connections between mineral science and the metaphysics of crystal healing.

Providing easy-to-follow crystal healing guidance alongside an easy-to-reference stone encyclopedia, this pocket guide will help you deepen your relationship with the mineral kingdom and enhance your crystal healing practice.

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