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Mala Luna

Letters To The Starseed

Letters To The Starseed

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What is the soul? Where did it originate? And why did it choose to come to Earth at this particular moment? Rebecca answers these questions and more in Letters to a Starseed.

Starseed Souls have incarnated in many different times and places across the cosmos. They sometimes feel misplaced on Earth and have a longing for home without truly knowing what it means. Part guide, part activation, and part encouragement, this book will invite you to unlock and nurture your seeds of destiny within, reconnect to your unique life path, and ground yourself with daily practice.

Written in the form of letters, stories, and insights, this book illuminates the connection between the soul and the cosmos. You will be guided to uncover the cosmic nature of your soul and rediscover why you chose to incarnate.

Bestselling author Rebecca Campbell will offer guidance and support to help you truly see who you are from a soul perspective and discover why you chose to be here now at this pivotal stage of human history.

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